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The Strange Malady of Mr.3
The Strange Malady of Mr.3
by Johnmichael Simon

Inventive, full of verbal felicities and surprises, The Strange Malady of Mr. 3 shows Johnmichael Simon at his versatile best.
Seymour Mayne, Professor of Canadian literature,
University of Ottawa.

Johnmichael Simon takes apart our illusions of reality, deconstructs our skin and bone collage of being, whirls us from spent stars to push-carts, in scalpel language carving both blood and beauty.  Icons of perceived life dissolve in his incisive razor-scope, the shreds unraveled in quixotic prose and rhyme. We are exhorted by his "feline flash": "Now you put it together." The challenge will rivet you, unsettling the ordinary evermore. 
Katherine L. Gordon, poet, publisher, author,
editor, literary critic.

Johnmichael Simon serves chocolate-coconut-macaroon
poems, so irresistible I couldn't stop gorging after three full reads. Mr. 3 is a mind-fattening masterpiece without a
single calorie!
Wanda Sue Parrott, Co-founder National Annual Senior Poets Laureate Competition for American poets age 50 and older.

Mr. 3 is irony with a message. In despair at a world on self-destruct, Johnmichael Simon suggests that there is hope for revival, time to turn back: "a cup of bitter medicine to sip..a small love recalled before we lose him in the rain that obliterates all writing in the sand…" These poems hurl us into a surrealistic future, a post-Apocalyptic age. Nothing is spared, the generation gap, pollution, terrorism, teenage pregnancy. Yet wit, phrases of beauty and cadence
show the reader that there is hope.
Wendy Blumfield, President Voices Israel group of poets in English

Contains 32 poems
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