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Poetry December 2011-5
Sadly we have to announce that two of our contributors to this edition, Hugh Fox and Eva Avi-Yonah have passed away before receiving notification that their poems were accepted. We publish them below in blessed memory.

Hugh Fox

Hugh Fox had 105 books published, mostly poetry. His most recent poetry book is The Collected Poetry of Hugh Fox, 540 pages from World Audience. Born in Chicago, B.A. and M.A. from Loyola U., Ph.D. in American Lit from U. of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Hugh taught for years in Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil. He died in hospice care September 4, 2011, in East Lansing, Michigan. There is a very nice remembrance of him on the Poetry Foundation website:

Final Exams

Hip/lower-back stabs all night long, is that the sun out there
or Nagasaki #2, the morning buggy-wuggy pills next to the
smoothie glass of orange, chirimoya, mango, strawberry,
blueberry, apple juice and a bowl of Life cereal, vaguely
remembering back 50 years when I could climb trees and
chase bees, simply BE and gamble my way through tablefuls
of Think It Out projects, how come Fulton didn’t tell me he
was dying of lung cancer, I e-mailed him about mine, finding
a copy of his novel Grassman going back to pre-history,
dedicated to me, I LOVE YA, walking through a growing
cemetery of immortals slowly turning into IN THE BEGINNING
US, DUST, endless corridors of unopened/unopenable doors.

Eva Avi-Yonah

Eva Avi-Yonah was born Eva Bojko in Vienna, the daughter of Drs. Hugo and Elizabeth, ecologists. She passed away on October 3rd, 2011. In 1936 she made Aliyah to Jerusalem with her family where she studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Crafts. She studied in Paris at the Academie des Beaux Arts and Studio Sernandleger where she had several exhibitions. She taught art upon her return to Israel. Eva edited the English poetry journal, Seven Gates, and the German poetry journal, Lyris. She lived, wrote, taught and painted in Jerusalem.

A small collection of her many faceted artwork can be viewed by clicking the following link:


Who has not thought
Of his brother or his sister
In trepidation
and without shame.
Or has not regretted
The things done
or left undone
at the last.
When the regrets are
In vain and weigh heavily
on heart and kidneys
and stones that gather
In the intestines.
And you know
that whatever you have
done to others
Is now being done
to you rightly.