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Like Indigenous Tiger
Like Indigenous Tiger
by MJD Algera

“Listen to this man, read this work. His voice is clearly his own. Few have the bravery to be original or the ability to combine ‘scratch letters’ into something new. MJD takes us to unfound corners of the familiar landscape, causing us to stop and ponder his idiosyncratic mixture of word and phrase, making each page a discovery.”
Brandon Pitts — Author of Pressure to Sing

“‘Living together’ has been one of the best poems I have read this year.”
Jean Arthur Jones — Co-editor of Word Salad Poetry Magazine; Author of The Angel of Death, Post Mortem & Birds of Djakarta

“MJD Algera’s poems are pieced together like an elaborate puzzle. Each word placed perfectly, creating explosions of imagery, sending the imagination into overdrive. Algera’s combination of quick wit and dynamic language keeps you hungry for more.”
Kristal-Lee Morningstarr — Author of “Through Jaded Eyes: A Collection of Poetry”; member of The Ontario Poetry Society

“Algera is a magician of poetry — sometimes playful, sometimes breath-takingly revelatory . Like a stunt pilot, he drives the expected into the unexpected, in slow, deceptive circles, showing us new countries of thought, new vistas of imagery.”
Joe Girard, Author, Filmmaker, Lead Singer of Doctors and Detectives & Host of 93.3 CFMU's Saturn's Rings

“MJD Algera’s verse is liquid light; it is both fluid and luminous. Each poem is a lake of words from which the soul can quench its thirst”.
John M. Marshall, Founder & Editor — Epiphany Arts; Cape Fear Poetry Society

"Algera's clever wordplay and engaging use of metaphor reflect his passion for language.  The reader will detect his sense of fun in constructing a poem, and will thereby derive amusement and pleasure from reading it. Moreover, Algera's take on a wide range of subject matter is startlingly unique and frequently poignant. The poetry of this promising young writer exudes both intellectual and emotional appeal, displaying a remarkable wisdom and  sensitivity well beyond his years."
Donna Moder, former professor of Language Studies at Mohawk College

Contains 22 poems
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A view inside this book:

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