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Everything Today
Everything Today
Poems and Illustrations by Helen Bar-Lev  - 36 pages of poems and colour illustrations.

Once in a generation a treasure of art and verse bursts upon our hum-drum horizon to light us up with the sheer fun of living, captured here in rollicking rhymes, intricate delightful art, forming one of the rare legacies that will be the joy of every library. Children of ALL ages will read these verses together, share laughter and irony, wit spiced with insight. The accompanying drawings enhance the whole experience, each an icon capturing the day, a gift of vision into every colour and how it emblazons the moment. “Slide down the slopes of a rainbow” with Helen Bar-Lev and be transformed by a book to be cherished. 
Katherine L. Gordon, Poet, Publisher, Judge and Reviewer, Literary Critic.

Helen Bar-Lev is that rare combination of successful artist and accomplished poet. In this original and charming short collection, she takes colour as her theme. Eighteen colours and colour combinations are individually considered, each poem exploring the unique aspects of a particular colour and its significance to the natural and human worlds. These poems are a vivid, joyful and often humorous celebration of the visual spectrum that will captivate both young and old readers alike.
Patrick B. Osada, (SOUTH Poetry Magazine, England)

In this encyclopedia of colour, Helen Bar-Lev, painter poet, presents the wonders of nature, the results of man-made endeavour and much humour. This collection shows the deeper significance of colour. The flamboyant red of sweet fruit, riotous flowers and precious stones remind us of life’s blood, the wily fox and equal rights for workers. Helen’s humour tells of pink baby mice and newborn piglets, butter on muffins, fables of frogs and iguanas and the black of the kettle and the pot. Each page, beautifully illustrated with accompanying verse, takes us through its own kaleidoscope.
Wendy Blumfield, President Voices Israel

From "Everyone Knows That May Is Red" to "Multicolour Day," Helen Bar-Lev's Everything Today presents a word/image chromatic kaleidoscope that startles the reader/viewer into a new awareness, a daydream of both the rare and the commonplace inherent in their intrinsic palette. Sometimes in her repetition of "Everything today is . . . ," we hear echoes of Vinicíus de Moraes's "Creation Day" with its repetition of "Because today is Saturday" and its lists of the ordinary and the bizarre. Also, considering the range of colors in this 18-hued patch-quilt sequence it certainly joins the Impressionist tradition in its celebration of Man and Nature and their relation to each other.
Stanley H. Barkan, Poet, founder Cross-Cultural Communications

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