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Wanda Sue Parrott
Wanda Sue Parrott, co-founder of the National Annual Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition for American poets age 50 and older, is the name by which this 74-year-old writer is best known, although she has published and performed under18 aliases and bylines. These mostly autobiographical paintings are thumbnail sketches she never developed into canvases because her father would not allow them in the house. Most of this collection was created while she was a student at Los Angeles City College between 1958 and1960, performing on weekends as beatnik poet Susanina of Venice West. Today, she performs occasional stand-up comedy poetry as Professor Parrott (see photo in oval). She won the 2009 Louisiana Senior Poet Laureate title under the pen name Edgar Allan Philpott.  As Diogenes Rosenberg, she invented the Pissonnet poetry form known as "the world's shortest sonnet" and as Prairie Flower she writes Native-American-inspired poems. She is a retired award-winning journalist.