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Osnat Zemach-Shavit

Osnat Zemach-Shavit, was born in 1965 in Tel Aviv, and is a graduate of the Israel Painters & Sculptors Association Workshop, 1985, and of the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 1992. She won the Leon Raskin Award for Movie Theater Design in Haifa and an award for designing the Democratic High School in Tel Aviv.  In recent years, Osnat has devoted herself to painting. Her paintings are an eclectic weave of times and streams that bring a new quality to the surface.

She uses acrylics, chalk, oil pastels and pencils, asking the white of the canvas what it would like it to become. The unexpected combination of pallet knife, and the precision of the brush creates multiple textures as well as transparent and opaque areas. By layering color on color, texture on texture, a spontaneous process of discovery and surprise occurs. The free pallet of colors reflects the range of emotion, dominated by a vibrant, optimistic temperament.

Osnat’s work is characterized by an aesthetic naiveté, innocent of the unknown future, and ranging between the figurative and the abstract. The broken, flat perspective is designed to nullify the dimension of time that marches confidently from the past to the future.  Without time, infinity with its endless possibilities is revealed.