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Naomi Kerer

Naomi Kerer was born in England and since 1964 has lived with her husband (who was born in Saxony, Germany) in Kibbutz Manara, where her four children were born and grew up and where she taught English until her retirement 7 years ago.

Naomi has always painted and has a studio on the kibbutz with many of her paintings, mostly oils on canvas, but also aquarelles. She paints landscapes, flowers, trees, and the mountains where she lives. Painting is for her is as important as breathing. She loves the Galilee, always changing, always breathtaking, always a source of joy and wonder for her. Naomi loves painting outside where she can feel and absorb the light, the changing colours, and really be at one with nature.

She is a member of the Israel Artists and Sculptors Association and has exhibited mostly locally.

The paintings shown here are all oil on canvas.