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Mike Leaf

Mike Leaf was born London England in 1934. He left home and school at an early age and made his first trip to Africa aged 16 falling in love with the continent, its people and their music. At 18 walked and hitchhiked from London to South Africa across the Sahara desert and stayed in Central Africa till immigrating to Israel aged 20. Mike had always sketched and painted and finally did this full time starting in 1970. He has lived from painting, print making and sculpture from then on. After numerous one man shows in Israel , the U.S.A. , Mexico and England , Mike received in 2003 recognition for his artwork in the form of a grant from the prestigious Jackson Pollok, Lee Krasner Foundation of New York. A prolific artist, he refills his batteries and is inspired by immersing himself in different cultures and has lived for six monthly periods or thereabouts in Morocco, Mexico, India, Bali, Greece, various African States, most countries in South East Asia, and in the USA in Taos New Mexico and Manhattan. Due to a spinal problem he was unable to carry on with his artwork for several years during which time he began to write. He has so far written seven novellas and a number of short stories. By diligent exercise he regained mobility and is again painting. Since 2000 he divides his time between the old Galilean town of Sfat in Israel and Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.. Web site;

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