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Tamar Shadur

Tamar Shadur of Amherst, MA has a background in fine arts and has been weaving fine tapestries for the past 30 years. She was initially trained as a tapestry weaver in the Aubusson technique (on a large low-warp loom) working on fine mural size tapestries designed by well known artists, Jean Lurcat among them, at the Jerusalem Tapestry Workshop in Israel. In the 1980s and 90s Tamar collaborated with her mother, Yehudit Shadur, the renowned Jewish papercut artist, and produced several tapestries with rich ornate symbolic images and Hebrew text that grace Y. Shadur’s exquisite papercuts. Currently, on Tamar’s Aubusson loom is an intricate 5’6’’ x 4’8” tapestry in progress which is a Holocaust Memorial designed by Yehudit Shadur. Tamar uses a portable upright metal loom to weave her smaller tapestries.

Tamar Shadur has a BFA in Art Education and an M.Ed/ESL from UMass, Amherst. She has taught ESL for 16 years mostly in colleges and at UMass, as well as tapestry weaving and art workshops in the community to children and adults. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in New England, the Southwest, and in Israel. She is a member of TWiNE and ATA.

                                                                             "detail from previous tapestry"