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Ben Rotman

Israeli born artist Ben Rotman deals with the medium of painting in broad terms. For Rotman who always worked in oils, using the digital workspace changes almost everything save the final appearance of his work. Rotman's digital creations present a virtual space with the same fluidity and tactility as oilrcolor paint. An intimacy with digital tools allows Rotman to emulate the deckled edges, bleeding, and the layering sensations of traditional oilcolor, all with an illusionist bent. Of intrigue is how little one can perceive Rotman's creations as digital upon first impression. Instead of seeing pixels and digitally produced noise, one sees the trained hand of a painter very much in touch with the language of traditional modernist abstraction. . Appearing in and out of his washy build up of colors are hints of figuration.
These bodily apparitions suspended in a dream world of color field abstraction are hints of what inspires Rotman. He paints about, ”Women, Drawing, Dancing Music, and politics." Rotman has studied art in Europe and Israel.