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Rick Black

Rick Black is a poet, book artist and photographer who runs Turtle Light Press – a small press dedicated to poetry and fine art photography. He lived in Israel for six years, first studying Hebrew literature at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and subsequently worked as a journalist in the Jerusalem bureau of The New York Times. His poems have been nominated for Pushcart awards.

Rick takes his own photographs and turns them into fine art with the help of computer software. He likes to saturate colors, adding visible texture and cropping until a pleasing image emerges. He began playing with digital pictorial effects while working on an artist book for the centennial of Highland Park, New Jersey where he lived for ten years. Since then he has had many exhibitions, but these Jerusalem images are new and have yet to be exhibited to the public. He took these photographs on a recent visit to Israel.

The digital paintings below are from photos taken around the city, but primarily from photos in Yemin Moshe, a neighborhood outside of the Old City.